This is used to add contents into the "Proposed for publication" panel displayed for sections. This panel will only be displayed when there is at least one element (article, site, news item...) in that section that has been proposed for publication.

It is called from ecrire/exec/naviguer.php:

pipeline('rubrique_encours', array(
	'args' => array('type' => 'rubrique', 'id_objet' => $id_rubrique),
	'data' => $encours));


The "Forum" plugin uses this pipeline to add a phrase encouraging comments for the articles proposed for publication:

function forum_rubrique_encours($flux){
	if (strlen($flux['data'])
	  AND $GLOBALS['meta']['forum_prive_objets'] != 'non')
		$flux['data'] = _T('texte_en_cours_validation_forum') . $flux['data'];
	return $flux;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français