The libelle_association_mots pipeline is called in ecrire/exec/mots_tous.php to display the text description of the elements that can be linked to a given keyword group. Each object is associated with a language string identifier:

$libelles = array(
$libelles = pipeline('libelle_association_mots', $libelles);

So the pipeline is passed an associative array with keys being the object names (written in the plural) and values being the names of the corresponding language string identifier.


The "Mots objets" plugin is used to add keywords for authors and documents, and so passes the corresponding language string identifiers for those objects as shown below:

function mots_objets_libelle_association_mots($flux){

	$flux['auteurs'] = 'mots_objets:objet_auteurs';

	$flux['documents'] = 'gestdoc:objet_documents';
 // plugin mediatheque
	return $flux;


Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français