This pipeline is used to add content into the "right-hand" column (which is not necessarily actually on the right hand side, depending on the user’s preference settings and language) on the "exec" pages in the private zone. This column normally contains "horizontal" navigation links related to the currently displayed contents, such as in the "In the same section" panel which lists recently published articles in the same section as the current article.

echo pipeline('affiche_droite', array(

This pipeline accepts the "exec" page name displayed as a parameter, as well as an optional identifier for the object currently being read, e.g. "id_rubrique".


The "odt2spip" plugin, used to create SPIP articles based on OpenOffice text documents (with the .odt file extension), employs this pipeline to add a form to the section view screen in order to enter an odt filename:

function odt2spip_affiche_droite($flux){
	$id_rubrique = $flux['args']['id_rubrique'];
	if ($flux['args']['exec']=='naviguer' AND $id_rubrique > 0) {
		$icone = icone_horizontale(_T("odtspip:importer_fichier"), "#", "", _DIR_PLUGIN_ODT2SPIP . "images/odt-24.png", false, "onclick='$(\"#boite_odt2spip\").slideToggle(\"fast\"); return false;'");
		$out = recuperer_fond('formulaires/odt2spip', array('id_rubrique'=>$id_rubrique, 'icone'=>$icone));
		$flux['data'] .= $out;
	return $flux;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français