This pipeline is used to add statistical data about the editorial objects into the side navigation panel on the home page.

  1. $res = pipeline('accueil_informations', $res);

It accepts text as a parameter that it may complete and return as output.


The "breves" plugin, if it existed, might use this pipeline to add the number of news items awaiting validation for publication:

  1. function breves_accueil_informations($texte){
  2. include_spip('base/abstract_sql');
  3. $q = sql_select("COUNT(*) AS cnt, statut", 'spip_breves', '', 'statut', '','', "COUNT(*)<>0");
  4. // processes operating on the text depending on the resulting output
  5. // ...
  6. return $texte;
  7. }


Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 31/05/10

Translations : English, français