This pipeline is used to add links above the content of the home page in the private zone, within the frame that lists the various actions available (create a section, an article, a news item, etc.).

$gadget = pipeline('accueil_gadgets', $gadget);

This pipeline accepts a text argument and returns the supplemented text as output.


The "breves" plugin, if it existed, would use this pipeline to add a link at the top to allow the user to create or view the list of news item depending on the status of the author currently connected:

function breves_accueil_gadgets($texte){
	if ($GLOBALS['meta']['activer_breves'] != 'non') {
		// create, otherwise view
		if ($GLOBALS['visiteur_session']['statut'] == "0minirezo") {
			$ajout = icone_horizontale(_T('icone_nouvelle_breve'), generer_url_ecrire("breves_edit","new=oui"), "breve-24.png","new", false);
		} else {
			$ajout = icone_horizontale (_T('icone_breves'), generer_url_ecrire("breves",""), "breve-24.png", "", false);
		$texte = str_replace("</tr></table>", "<td>$ajout</td></tr></table>", $texte);
	return $texte;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français