This pipeline, used in ecrire/inc/rechercher.php, is used to declare the searches that should be executed on other tables rather than the table explicitly referenced in a loop.
For example, a search for an author name for an ARTICLES loop returns the articles that this author has written (by searching in the spip_auteurs_articles table).

This pipeline receives an array of tables containing an array of table, field, weighting triplets (like the pipeline "rechercher_liste_des_champs").


Some modifications for the spip_articles table:

function pluginPrefix_rechercher_liste_des_jointures($tables){

	// search in the BIO field of authors when we search in the articles
	$tables['article']['auteur']['bio'] = 2;

	// search in the text of the keywords
	$tables['article']['mot']['texte'] = 2;

	// do not search in the documents

	return $tables;

In SPIP, this pipeline is used to search for elements using their linked keywords or authors

Author Gilles Vincent Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français