This pipeline is used to add elements into the configuration panels for SPIP objects.

It is called as demonstrated in ecrire/exec/articles.php:

$masque = pipeline('afficher_config_objet',
	array('args' => array('type'=>'type objet', 'id'=>$id_objet),

As of writing, it only applies to articles and adds its content into the "Forum and Petitions" panel.


The "Forum" plugin adds moderation control settings (no forum, registration required, post-moderation...) for each article, using the following code:

function forum_afficher_config_objet($flux){
	if (($type = $flux['args']['type']) == 'article'){
		$id = $flux['args']['id'];
		if (autoriser('modererforum', $type, $id)) {
			$table = table_objet($type);
			$id_table_objet = id_table_objet($type);		
			$flux['data'] .= recuperer_fond( "prive/configurer/moderation", array($id_table_objet => $id));
	return $flux;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français